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Kamran and Emily Emad
Offsite Review
Wedding Videographer Needed  Febuary 25, 2017
"During the wedding planning process it can feel exhausting to prioritize and select vendors, especially when on a budget. We knew that we wanted visual keepsakes from our big day, but ultimately found our budget to be out of alignment with videographers offering packages that would be fit for a feature film (drones, fancy effects, etc). In addition to the high price points for these packages we were also concerned that in the end our wedding footage would look overproduced and would mask the true beauty of the day. After numerous meetings we were discouraged and considered forgoing videographer services. Then we met Richard!

We received Richard's contact information via a referral from a close friend. From the moment we got in touch, Richard was kind and professional. He made it clear early on that he was interested in our happiness as clients. From our discussions and looking at Richard's work, it was clear that he had a keen 'eye' for shooting video. His experience really shines through - he knows what he is looking for when shooting and doesn't miss or over-engineer moments. 

After seeing the finished product of Richard's work I can say that our initial impression was spot on. Richard did a masterful job in capturing the  'essence' of our day - including including the ambiance of our venue and the hilarious moments that often go unnoticed after the ceremony (like a family member doing a 720 spin on the dance floor and ejecting his glasses in the process). 

In the end, Richard provided us with a keepsake that is a perfect capture of our special day. He captured our love and happiness in a way that will be timeless for years to come. 

Mary Nizer

Offsite Review

Need Wedding Videographer  October 4, 2015

"Appreciated his flexibility prior to the wedding and follow through with the video after the wedding."

Shantele L.

Offsite Review

Wedding Videographer needed  October 2, 2015

"Richard did such a great job with our wedding video. My husband and I didn't have a large budget, but really wanted a wedding video because that's what you have left after your big day. Richard's price was very reasonable, and honestly he could charge more for the quality and personalization he puts in.
Richard captured a lot of my favorite parts of the day. He was incredibly professional and was willing to drive a long distance to shoot my wedding. We are very grateful we hired him. The wedding video is by far the best purchase you can make for your wedding."

Kat T.

Offsite Review

Need Event Videography August 7, 2015

"We hired Richard to film the memorial for my 26 year old brother who was killed by a driver who fell asleep. Needless to say, the sudden loss struck my family so hard and we were frantic to get a service together while in so much pain. Richard was so professional when he showed up and instantly put our family at ease. He took care of everything and worked with family and friends when we could no longer help organize and plan. When we received the video of the service, we were amazed at how he didn't just film everything and put it on a dvd, he edited it into a beautiful story of my brother's life. I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for a videographer who puts pride in his work and delivers a story vs. just another video.

Kat T. Vancouver, Washington"

Heath F.

Need an Event Videographer June 15, 2015 

"I hired Richard to video high school soccer games to make a highlight reel for my child. He was very professional, fair, and easy to work. I would hire him again."

Richard P.

Need a Videographer May 28, 2015 

"Richard did a very good job recording my Uncle John's Veterans Memorial Service at my VFW Post. I would recommend his services to others."

Alexcia K.

Need a Wedding Videographer April 10, 2015 

"We are really looking forward to Richard being our wedding videographer. He seemed very organized and honest when we had our first meeting and to book our wedding with him. Cant wait to work with him to get our perfect wedding video!"

Denny H.

Need Video Editing November 18, 2014 

"Richard received my video of skydive taken with go pro and several video clips my wife took from the ground; my vision was soaring like an eagle, so he found clips of eagles, incorporated John Denver RMH and hawks and eagle music in background ending with eagles in a great 11 minute flight of my soaring like an eagle. It highly impressive to a few that have reacted with good emotion.
I highly recommend Richard for your videos."

Faith M.

Need Event Videography November 6, 2014 

"Richard was amazing! He created a beautiful video with our favorite songs and captured all of our special moments. He was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend him."

Allison N.

Need Wedding Videography October 22, 2014 

"About A week from our wedding we decided we should hire a videographer. Even though it was incredibly short notice Richard made it work. He was like a ninja at the wedding. Never in the way, but always in the action. He even through in some editing of the raw footage for free. I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a videographer! 
Thanks Again for all the hard work!"

Luly P.

Need a Wedding Videographer October 3, 2014 

Richard came to us with short notice and even found a photographer for us when the first one cancelled at the last minute. He filmed our wedding with no real direction from us, and created a beautiful account of our wedding day. Richard made the process very simple and straight forward, we felt taken care of from start to finish.

Dot T.

Need Event Videography August 26, 2014 

"Richard shot and compiled a wedding video for my husband and me. We decided we needed a videographer last minute and he was extremely helpful. He sat down with us before our wedding to get an idea of how the day would flow and how he could best capture shots. I also sent him an example of a friend's wedding video I liked which he used to make sure I got the kind of video I wanted. I was very happy with how the final product turned out and how professional he was in the process. He finished the project quickly. I definitely recommend him for any event."

Doctor Robert Scott B.

Offsite Review

Surg+ Restore Documentary "OSHA" March 7, 2014 

"Approximately 6 months ago, I attended a screening for documentaries in the city where I reside. There was a particular film that stood heads above the rest of the documentaries that were presented at this particular festival. It was professionally produced and directed with very catchy and appropriate background music and it highlighted a humanitarian theme. I was impressed in the amount of work that the director had put into his project, obtaining hard to find footage from the Sierra Leone civil war interlacing that with present day themes and also a human highlight story. In short, the film blew me away. I immediately inquired as to who the producer/director was and was told that it was Ricardo Oyarzabal. I am physician as well as the founder and president of a medical charity. Soon after, I had contracted with Mr. Oyarzabal to direct and produce a documentary, highlighting our foundation, Surg+Restore/Africa ( Ricardo accompanied our medical team to Sierra Leone in February of 2014. He represented himself as hard working, diligent, polite, attentive, accountable as well as very creative, open minded and flexible. I have been working with him weekly, as we are nearly finished with the film about our charity and it would be difficult to be more pleased with the results. With this new collaboration between Mr. Oyarzabal as director/producer and our charity we will undoubtedly attain high level exposure which will enable us to secure much needed funding for our mission in West Africa."

Dominic Y.

Offsite Review

Dynasty House Documentary March 6, 2014 

"Mr. Richard Oyarzabal did a documentary on me and my non-profit organization Dynasty House which provide education scholarship for children my village, Motema in Sierra Leone. Ricardo was very professional, knowledgeable, patient and strong on details. I had a pleasant experience working with Richard on this project."